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Listed are the tools, supplies, and materials we will use in this course. To take the guess work out of your experience, I’ve found most of my favorites on Amazon and share clickable affiliate links for you see exactly what each item is. 

While I recommend you support your local independent retailer, ordering directly from the links below will earn a small commission for me at no additional cost to you. (Thank you!)

If you have a similar item, but not the specific item, feel free to use what you’ve got. Or, take this opportunity to upgrade!

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First, supplies from SKIRT SKILLS

We will continue to use most of the tools and supplies from the Skirt Skills Supplies List. Re-visit the list below!


from Skirt Skills that would be helpful in Top Class



for Top Class

We will use:

Optional items:


Top-making Time!

We will add:

Near the end of class, you will need the materials for the first top you will make. During the previous lessons, we will discuss and help pick out and purchase exactly what you are going to use. 

Here is most likely what you will need:

  • Top Fabric: yardage depends on your design. Just as in Skirt Skills, we will be working with woven fabrics only. (No knits or stretch fabrics!)
  • matching thread
  • an invisible zipper
  • white pencils (if you are working with dark fabric)
  • bias tape makers (1/2″ or 1″…)
  • etc….

All Amazon links are affiliate links. Ordering directly from this page will earn a small commission for me at no additional costs to you. I appreciate your support!

Watch the TOP CLASS Tools & Supplies Lesson:

Bonus link from this video: DIY Professional Sewing Room Table

Explore the Coursework

In Skirt Skills, you’ll be thoroughly introduced to each step of the custom process- while hand crafting the custom-fit skirt of your dreams. You’ll also create reusable tools for your custom sewing future.

Follow-up Course!

A follow up to Skirt Skills – get some new experience under your belt by creating your own custom-fit trousers and jeans.

Follow-up Course!

A follow up to Skirt Skills – gain some upper body strength as you learn to map your top half and craft custom-fit tops that are tops!

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Course Dates:

Orientation starts August 16, 2023

The next session will likely begin in January 2024.

Work with the optional 6 week schedule OR anytime at your own slower pace with forever access

Tuition: $315