Kind words from former students...

“Skirt Skills was the tallest, coolest, most refreshing drink of sewing education I have ever tasted. I have found my Jedi Master.

This is the sweet spot of handmade wardrobe building I have fantasized about.

I am now living with the epic level of satisfaction that comes from investing time and money to learn a skill that has systematically blown my mind into a million tiny pieces of creative possibility…

“Brooks Ann teaches a sewing class that offers the exact methodical approach that I had been looking for for ages.

Watching her videos, it is apparent that she has earned a solid education and many years of experience in her field. I feel like, she has put a lot of thought into how to pass on her knowledge and it was my experience that she makes an effort to ensure that every one of her students will walk away with a sense of achievement. And she so obviously likes what she’s doing which makes it so fun to learn from her.

“This is a brilliant course and I loved every moment!

Brooks Ann is an absolute angel and her lessons and teaching style are totally addictive, thought-provoking and inspiring. Even as a beginner, I can now start wearing clothes that make me feel like the real me. I’ve made the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn and I am now addicted to the idea of banning ready-to-wear skirts and making my own instead!

“Even though I have been sewing for many years, I learned so much in this wonderful class!

The way Brooks Ann explains everything in detail really shows how much she loves sewing and cares that her students do too. I have to admit that I teared up a bit while watching the last video. I didn’t want it to end.

“The biggest difference between this class and the many classes I have taken in my sewing life is Brooks Ann.

Her instruction progresses in such a logical sequence that you are always building on previous knowledge so that each step makes sense to the learner. She is an expert, and she knows how to convey that expertise to others. She is truly an outstanding teacher.

I recommend Skirt Skills to everyone who sews because this course offers so much more than making a skirt. While a skirt is the medium, the elements that combine to design, fit, and make a skirt increase the student’s understanding of all clothing design. My grasp of pattern design and clothing construction has increased greatly in only a few weeks.

“Skirt Skills is an incredible course that has shifted my mind!

I find that I approach sewing in a whole new way now – as a process to enjoy each tiny step. I learned so much and it has given me tons of confidence and inspiration!

“Skirt Skills is the BEST course ever, with easy to follow video instructions and superb class interaction with the other students.

I joined because after countless trials and errors, books to refer to, websites to look at, evening classes to attend, Craftsy courses to subscribe to, hopelessly inadequate muslins and STILL no real understanding of how to make a skirt to fit my shape, I stumbled across Brooks Ann’s class.

Within 6 weeks of incredible teaching and interaction with the group of like-minded ladies, I made a skirt that I was thrilled with. I loved the class so much!

“I was excited about Skirt Skills after reading a huge amount of positive reviews, but wondered ‘is it too good to be true?’ I now feel just like the people who wrote about their great experiences!

I’ve learned that even if you think something is daunting and intimidating, and even if you’ve already struggled endlessly, it doesn’t have to continue to be that way. You can learn and get great results with the right knowledge from the right person. You don’t have to wait for many years to fit your own patterns and sew something well made!

Brooks Ann has a positive and approachable personality and her methods are logical and easy, not intimidating or stressful, making the whole experience a joy. I consider myself very lucky to have had this opportunity to work with Brooks Ann and to join the others who highly recommend this course!

“I’ve been sewing garments for years and have been generally frustrated and disappointed with the process, especially with how much time it takes to get a commercial pattern to sort of fit.

It makes SO MUCH more sense to start with something that fits and change design elements, plus it’s way more fun to mess around with pattern drafting rather than pattern fitting!

Brooks Ann’s classes have helped to completely change my perspective, from being more at peace with my big booty and janky posture to trusting that I have the skills and knowledge to make that garment in my head and it will fit. She does a wonderful job of breaking down and explaining every step of the process. Her teaching skills are excellent, she gives tons of info in each lesson but it’s not rushed or confusing, the quality of the videos is excellent, and I love that she lets a bit of her silly/goofy sense of humor come through.

“I am an accomplished seamstress, but thought I could benefit from a more methodical way of making something using my own pattern. I highly recommend it!

Brooks Ann makes you feel like she is right in the room with you, and no matter how long you have been sewing, you will learn something new. WARNING: you may find yourself wanting to spend all your time making new skirts! This class makes it addictive!

“I loved this course and I feel fabulous in my custom skirt.

The format of Skirt Skills is like Brooks Ann is holding your hand guiding you step-by-step in creating the shape of you into a 3-D structure of threads and fabrics.

I loved the expert techniques, informative history of fabrics, and the bonus links/resources, but the best was listening to the soft, humor-filled smiles in Brooks Ann’s voice.

“This class has done more than spark an interest in pattern drafting! It’s more like a forest fire!

I had no idea I would enjoy it so much. I had basically stopped sewing garments because I could not get the fit down, and started quilting (I think a lot of people start quilting to avoid fitting). Brooks Ann has opened up a whole new and exciting world for me!

“Brooks Ann is fantastic. Her teaching style is fun and comfortable.

It’s less like being in class and more like having a friend show you a new trick. But make no mistake, this friend seriously knows her stuff. Brooks Ann’s knowledge of the field is extensive and her craftsmanship is flawless. If you have the chance to learn from her, do it.

“Whether you are a beginner at sewing or seeking to take your sewing “up a notch”, Skirt Skills is a must!

Brooks Ann divides the lessons in easy-to-consume segments, and gives thorough instruction not only on the mechanics of garment making but also on “why” certain techniques work.

Learning how to create custom garments with quality materials has changed the way I view clothing…and myself: well-fitting clothes are such a confidence booster! I LOVED this class!

“Brooks Ann is a FABULOUS teacher.

She has the gift of breaking difficult concepts down to an understandable level. Adults are hard to teach, and she is amazing at this. I never dreamed I could design and construct my own clothing! It has done wonders for my self esteem to learn this skill. I now know that it will be a long time before I buy another skirt off the rack. I absolutely LOVED this class!

“Outside of the actual mechanics of the skirt-making process, what has really stuck with me is how much I learned when taking my measurements.

It was eye-opening to look at my numbers and start understanding why certain clothes fit me better than others (even when they’re marked as the same size). This part of the pattern drafting process felt really body-positive, which is not a feeling that I’ve ever associated with getting measured.

“My favorite part about patternmaking and sewing is that there are so many ways to get the same end result, and this class definitely reinforced that notion! (ha ha, get it? notion!).

As an apparel industry professional, I haven’t spent the time to make any garments for myself in around ten years! Also, most of the patternmaking I do is now digital, so it was really fun to work on paper. Some of the topics covered were refreshers of skills I already have, and some things were just completely different from how I learned, which was awesome. I’m excited to now do more “selfish” sewing and patternmaking!

“This course was an epiphany.

Though I’ve been sewing for 35 years, patterns and fit have always been a mystery. Until now. I am also not terribly creative and I am surprised how much fun I’ve had making my own designs. The possibilities are endless!”

“I just loved this class! It has given me confidence in tackling clothes for my body once again.

For years I have been very frustrated with commercial patterns that promise beautiful clothes but deliver items that need major alterations before I can wear them. My sewing skills are good and well-honed; I just had no way to look at a commercial pattern and know what to change or how to change it to fit me.

After taking Skirt Skills and listening to Brooks Ann’s patient and detailed instruction, I am certain that the skirts I make will fit well and be fun and flattering. I have made four lovely skirts from the pattern block already and have gotten so many nice compliments on them!

“If you’re at all interested in fashion or making your own clothes, @brooksanncamper’s Skirt Skills class is absolutely magical.

I’ve learned more about clothing construction in five weeks than in the whole rest of my life. DO RECOMMEND.

“I signed up for Skirt Skills on a whim as I’ve always wanted to sew, but I had never sat at a sewing machine in my life!

The fact that, shortly after the final lesson, I have already made two beautiful skirts that I LOVE says it all. The instruction in this course is the most organized and detailed that I have ever seen in any type of online course. And the level of support that Brooks Ann provides is unbelievable. You are never left wondering how to do anything. She is always there with an answer, intuitive suggestions and her famous drawings.

The thing I loved most about this course is that Brooks Ann teaches you how to make a beautiful couture garment using the finest quality fabric right from the start, instead of the usual crafty beginner projects. This helped to keep me motivated as an absolute beginner because I couldn’t wait to wear my beautiful skirt! I cannot recommend Skirt Skills highly enough. You will love it!”

“I learned more about fit in this course than all the Vogue sewing books, back issues of Threads, and confusing conversations with my mother. Combined.


“Almost every day of class, I had an OMG-this-is-going-to-change-everything moment!

I’ve used the sewing methods my mother taught me since the 70s, sometimes quite successfully. But I have always had to alter patterns, I’ve always hated that step, and the older I get the more adjustments I have to make.
Brooks Ann’s course has given me a whole new approach to designing and sewing clothing that makes the development process more enjoyable and the finished product more satisfying.

“Skirt Skills has changed my life!

Before this class, I didn’t know what a patternmaking block was. Today, I came across a website full of pricey designer skirts, and thanks to Brooks Ann, I can EXACTLY visualize how to make a custom-fit pattern for nearly every design! So empowering!

“I learned so many useful techniques!

I came in pretty confident in my sewing, especially with commercial patterns. But I always need to modify them, and didn’t really understand how they were constructed.

I loved creating my skirt block and then dreaming up a design and creating a pattern. All the mock-up and basted fitting steps removed the pressure for perfectionism. There were plenty of opportunities to correct mistakes.

I really enjoyed the consistent emphasis on experimentation. I am so much more willing to spend time and money on sewing now since I’m confident it will fit when I’m done! This was so much more fun than dreading cutting because I won’t know until the end how the project fits. And I’ve fallen in love with hand stitching! It is fun, and allows me so much more control over the final look. Thank you Brooks Ann!

“Skirt Skills is not just about getting a custom skirt block, it is more like an introduction to couture sewing which is very different from buying a pattern and sewing it up.

Quite labour intensive but very much worth it! Brooks Ann’s methods are not the standard pattern drafting methods. They are tailored towards the individual body, which can be a revelation if standard patterns just don’t work.

“I have always loved clothes, but found myself in tears trying to buy something that fits.

So I decided to learn to sew. My self-sewn attempts were closer, but nothing is more frustrating than working really hard on a garment and it STILL isn’t what you want.

When I saw that Brooks Ann’s Skirt Skills was teaching how to make clothes with a custom fit, there was some hesitancy. First, I hardly ever wear skirts. Second, it was about twice as expensive as the sewing classes I have been taking. Finally, I wasn’t sure about doing an online sewing class. But having completed the class, I can tell you it is worth every penny.

There is a ton of information in the course itself and Brooks Ann shares links for even more. I loved the fact that the class was self-paced. I have watched many videos more than once.

Brooks Ann is a natural teacher and I never had trouble following her lessons. I am very excited to sign up for anything Brooks Ann teaches and to keep learning these methods from her. I finally feel like I can make what I design and that I am progressing as a seamstress.

“I feel like I more than got my money’s worth with this course.

Brooks Ann is a great cheerleader, encouraging us to try things and see what happens. I love the new techniques I learned, and it will definitely change the way I sew.

I’m getting so much more than just a skirt from this class. I’m getting a really good understanding of how patterns and design work together. I now have the confidence to take what I’ve learned here and, with my own research and imagination, make whatever I want

“Skirt Skills is set up so an absolute beginner can use quality fabric the first time and make a stunning skirt that truly fits.

That said, I’ve been a home sewer for years and never got the pattern alteration thing worked out to actually trust my effort. This class changed all that in a big way. No more guessing, ever! So you experienced sewers, take note. This class is for you too. And did I say you’ll come to appreciate and enjoy hand sewing? Just wait, you are in for a treat! I loved this class and Brooks Ann’s teaching style! Highly recommended

“I love my curves, but shopping makes me feel horrible about myself.

Going through this process without size attached to it has been revelatory.Learning to sew for my body is, for me, a great act of self-love.

Thanks to Brooks Ann, I finally feel confident that I can design and make clothes that really fit me instead of just accepting what’s on the rack. Skirt Skills is an amazing gift.

“I admit I was a bit worried about the cost in the beginning, but it has been well, well, well worth it.

Brooks Ann did an amazing job illustrating techniques to a very basic sewist like myself. How she packed so much valuable information into 6 weeks, I have no idea! I gave up on skirts after trying on an infinity of them at the store, only to come away with the impression that my body did not like skirts. My custom skirt fits like a dream! This course has been a revelation.

“All the lessons are one big fat Eureka! It’s so fascinating to see how it all comes together. This class has changed my whole philosophy on sewing.


“For years, I’ve been so apprehensive and scattered that it took me forever to finish a sewing project. Not to mention a lot of stress, confusion, and seam ripping!

From day one of Skirt Skills, I left with clear knowledge of how to begin a project and maintain clarity and focus throughout. It was an incredible feeling!

What followed was the most perfectly structured and organized class I’ve ever taken. The flow of the course material made it so easy for me to understand and gather the correct information to make my garment with easy relaxed adjustments. The confidence and clarity Brooks Ann has given me through this class has made sewing fun, easy, and even relaxing. And every skirt my classmates posted looked incredible on them!

“At first, I was nervous about taking the class, that I wasn’t skilled enough to keep up or diligent enough to actually finish.

Brooks Ann’s approach was perfect for me, though. Her daily videos broke the process into steps that allowed me to focus on one thing at a time instead of getting overwhelmed with too much at once. Plus, it was nice to know that it was easy to get in touch with her if I ran into any issues. By the end of Skirt Skills, I had made a well-fitted skirt based on a pattern I drafted — and was so excited by how it came together that I actually started planning another skirt.

“When I first was thinking about signing up, I wasn’t sure. I’m not that into skirts and it seemed like a lot of money.

But by the second week of class I realized I had learned so much that it had already more than paid for itself! I had decided after I had kids, and my body became something very non-“standard”, that it just wasn’t worth the effort to attempt to make my own clothes. After working with Brooks Ann, I’m extremely excited that I can start sewing for myself again!

“Skirt Skills was amazing.

I so appreciate the time and involvement Brooks Ann puts into her students. Her approach is both professional and thought out. She walks you through the experience, encouraging you and reinforcing every step. She has the gift of a teacher.

“Brooks Ann’s method is fantastic!

I learned pattern sewing about 50 years ago from my Mom, and I have absolutely loved learning clothing construction from a new perspective! The instruction is clear, the demos are appropriate to the techniques, and her fun-loving style is a joy!

“Skirt Skills was a wonderful experience for me. The lessons are incredibly thoughtfully designed and fun to watch.

Although I had some experience sewing from patterns before the class, I learned so much in Skirt Skills about how patterns work and sewing construction techniques. I loved bringing my skirt idea to life. I’m already working on my next design!

“I took Skirt Skills because I wanted to learn pattern drafting.

The process was much less complicated than I had imagined. Brooks Ann’s videos were fun and easy to follow. I successfully completed my skirt pattern, and it fit. Perfectly! I look forward to my next online class with Brooks Ann.

“I’m hooked!

Thanks to this course, I am no longer at the mercy of the ready-to-wear industry or even the pattern companies! I can create what I like, in fabric and colors I prefer. I do not have to feel ashamed of my body because it is outside the norm. I can celebrate my curves with clothes that fit! I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this class!

“I loved the positive energy of the course!

It was such a delight to come home from work and dive into the lessons after the kids went to bed. And every interaction with Brooks Ann was helpful and empowering. I learned that there are no right answers but there are lots of options that I’ve never even thought about before… Brooks Ann’s positive and cheerful attitude inspired me to ask questions, get making, and keep going, even when i ran into stumbling blocks. The end result is a skirt that I love and that fits!

Creating my own block helped me to understand my body without judgement or critique. And it was fun! (Who says that about fitting!? Certainly not me before this course!) I’ve heard that sewing is a superpower, but it’s only after taking this course that i really understand why.

“This class has it all...and the very best part is the instructor.

Brooks Ann has the unique ability to teach all levels while keeping you engaged and on track. She is the real deal- knowledgeable, informative, engaging and 100% accessible. I highly recommend this course for the beginner who wants to gain confidence all the way up to the experienced sewist who wants to tune up their skills. The videos are the best I have seen and will be an essential tool that I refer back to over and over, making this course an exceptional value. And don’t worry if you are not a skirt wearer- I literally did not own a single skirt when I signed up for this class and now I envision having a closet full!

“Skirt Skills is exactly what I needed!!!

No more fussing over patterns and why they don’t fit! Or going through complicated math for them to fit! This was far better than all the pattern making classes I’ve taken before. Brooks Ann gives you all the tools you need. Her class is worth every penny.

“I have gotten a lot out of this class that has nothing to do with making a skirt.

I think what I have learned the most is to enjoy the whole process, not just the end result. I have a newfound appreciation for the importance of hand sewing, for making the muslin, and for taking my time. Not sure why I never figured that out before, but I guess that’s because I’m self taught and never realized how all these steps could really influence my final result. It’s been really eye opening.

“Brooks Ann’s courses have made such a difference in my enjoyment of the sewing process, and also in the results!

I don’t know what I was afraid of before, but honestly, it just didn’t occur to me that I could deviate from instructions and choose my own path. It took some extra knowledge and her positive encouragement to get me there. I’ll be employing these philosophies to other aspects of my life, too!

“I haven’t taken any other apparel sewing classes before and now feel spoiled because I know I started with the best class!

Making a block of myself and using it as a pattern to make other clothes really taught me the inner workings of how garments are put together.

At first, I thought I would use my block along with purchased patterns but now I’m not sure I need to even go there. I love drafting my own! Skirt Skills also went over useful basics like zippers, hems, seam finishing, moving darts around, etc., that puts a newbie in a good position to be creative yet confident. The videos were perfect and Brooks Ann’s instruction and tips were clear and easily understood. I don’t think I ever had a moment where I said to myself, ” huh?” Haha anyway, a whole new world has opened up to me and look forward to using my creative juices!

“Skirt Skills has been an eye-opener for me.

Before class, I felt as though I had hit a brick wall in learning and honing my sewing skill set. I was uninspired and felt little to no creativity in my brain. This class was a shaft of light for my sewing. Learning everything Brooks Ann was teaching was so much fun!

I am a visual learner and her videos were just what I needed to get all the concepts and techniques into my head and able to use. The mechanics of the site and videos are awe-inspiring. Brooks Ann is an inspirational teacher. She thinks of everything! I feel blessed to have found out about her (on the Love To Sew podcast) and I am eager to take more classes with Brooks Ann at the helm.

“I’ve sewn many articles of clothing through the years, but fit has always been a bugger for me.

I’ve tended toward patterns where shape is forgiving in order to compensate for my lack of…what? understanding? patience? knowledge? All of the above, really.

Before Skirt Skills, I had never ventured into the self-drafting world before. Blocks and slopers, muslins and mock-ups—I had heard this terminology but basically ignored it because it sounded like way too much to delve into. But it’s fascinating!

I’m thrilled with what I learned from Brooks Ann and I understand much more how satisfying and worthwhile it is to take the time to get things right for one’s own body. I find I can’t stop thinking about skirt designs and what I’d have to do to my skirt block to actually form what I’m imagining. Brooks Ann has opened up a whole new way of thinking about handmade clothing and fit!

“When I tried on my Skirt Skills block, I started jumping up and down and squealing!

This is honestly the first time anything has fit me this well. I realize now that the drafting classes I’ve taken before were based on standard mathematical formulas (even though we used my measurements). No way would that ever fit this body! I am so thankful for this class.

“I can’t recommend Brooks Ann’s skirt class highly enough!

Her pattern drafting method is unique in that it takes your body’s volume into account, not just the numbers on the tape measure.

Her teaching style is fun and easy to understand, and my skirt block fit beautifully on the first try. Her construction examples make things easy for a beginner sewer to understand, but include tips and techniques that satisfy even an experienced sewer like me.

“This is the best sewing class I have ever taken, and I have taken many!!

Beginners to advanced sewers will benefit from the skirt class. Brooks Ann is a fabulous teacher and now I have a perfectly fitting skirt pattern.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Brooks Ann’s Skirt Skills eCourse.

Her warmth, friendliness and knowledge makes each lesson a joy. The class simplified and demystified the whole pattern making process for me! I now feel confident and inspired. I highly recommend this course.

“Skirt Skills really changed and expanded my perspective on sewing!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take this course at first, but now I’m extremely happy I did!

Brooks Ann, with her ever wonderfully encouraging personality, has a unique method for making your own skirt that truly fits. Along the way, she also helped me discover the joy of sewing in tasks that I would otherwise overlook. Highly recommend!

“I’ve used commercial patterns for years and consider myself a skilled seamstress and a designer at heart. But the designs in my head never came out the way I wanted because they didn’t fit...

I have pinpointed many ways in which my body is unlike the commercial standard, but struggled to accommodate those differences. All my research about pattern drafting and alteration seemed complicated or assumed too much.

Brooks Ann took me right back to the drawing board and explained a completely new method of sewing! In clear basic terms, she taught me how how to transfer my body to paper and then to fabric. Several times during the video lessons, I laughed out loud at how straightforward and sensible her method was! She is also incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, while giving tremendous leeway for my own creativity.

I can finally use the knowledge I’ve gathered over the years to enjoy my sewing and be truly satisfied with wearable results. Skirt Skills gave me the starting point – and taught me so much more!
Anne Marie

“The quality of Brooks Ann’s Skirt Skills was truly amazing.

It has to be the most organized & well thought out course (online or in person) I have ever participated in! Not only can I now create beautiful well-fitting skirts, I have taken the knowledge learned and ‘tweaked’ ready-made garments for a perfect fit. I can’t wait for Smarty Pants to continue to take my knowledge, craft, and hobby up a notch!

“I absolutely loved Skirt Skills!

Brooks Ann brought the concepts of designing and sewing a well-made and well-fitting skirt into an easy and understandable format. Her down-to-earth and enjoyable nature made watching the videos fun. It also helped me accept my body irregularities with more insight, versus having to rely on what the industry was telling me with poorly fitting clothes. I definitely recommend this class!

“This course was more than expected. Way more.

It promised to teach us how to make skirts that fit. Honestly I didn’t think that was realistic. (We’re all so…bumpy!)

Brooks Ann not only taught us how to make skirts that fit, and how to make the pattern from scratch, but she taught us a whole new way to sew!!!!! I’m a newbie, but I’ve read tutorial after tutorial and haunted sewing blogs and bought sewing books and have been through all the sewing books in my local library. I’ve never seen anything about half of what I learned in Skirt Skills. Brooks Ann has made me a MUCH better sewist.

“Brooks Ann definitely takes the time to ensure that every detail is discussed and understood before jumping into a task.

Which is vital when you’re feeling apprehensive! She doesn’t have you simply ‘follow directions’, she helps you ‘figure things out’

“Before taking a class with Brooks Ann, I was a “sewing newbie” and felt completely intimidated.

Brooks Ann welcomed us all with her humor and kindness. She never made me feel like I should be in the “Stitching for Dummies” class, instead of hers. She was able to combine her knowledge, skill, and personality to allow me to feel competent, and learn a ton of things I would have never even tried to learn.

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