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Brooks Ann Camper first learned to sew as an adult working in professional costume workshops. After an internship at Yale School of Drama, and an MFA in Costume Production from UNC, she moved to NYC where she worked as a Broadway milliner for productions such as Wicked and Mama Mia!, and sewing for celebrities from Boy George to Big Bird – including Bernadette Peters, Felicia Rashaad, Kristen Chenoweth, John Lithgow, The Undertaker, the Rockettes…

When she left New York and started her own business as a custom wedding dressmaker, she began blogging the process as each one-of-a-kind dress was designed and created. She realized that she was getting as much interest from “sewing people” as from “brides” and started teaching her unique methods of custom sewing. She absolutely loves sharing her passion with kindred spirits.

Hi there! I'm Brooks Ann.

And, I approach things a little differently.

In contrast to many sewing teachers, I did not learn to sew as a child. I first learned to sew as an adult while working in professional workshops — where everything was created custom for specific people.

Every body has a unique story. And every custom garment is a learning experience. I’d love to work with you!

Explore the Coursework

In Skirt Skills, you’ll be thoroughly introduced to each step of the custom process- while hand crafting the custom-fit skirt of your dreams. You’ll also create reusable tools for your custom sewing future.

Follow-up Course!

A follow up to Skirt Skills – get some new experience under your belt by creating your own custom-fit trousers and jeans.

Follow-up Course!

A follow up to Skirt Skills – gain some upper body strength as you learn to map your top half and craft custom-fit tops that are tops!

I've got more to share!

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 Saturday August 10, 2024
at ~10am ET

Class size is limited.

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Orientation starts August 21, 2024

(Last chance to earn your prerequisite before I offer my pants course in October.)

Work with the optional 6 week schedule OR anytime at your own slower pace with forever access

Tuition: $395