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Custom Sewing eCourses
for the Sew-Curious

And, I approach things a little differently.

In contrast to many sewing teachers, I did not learn to sew as a child. I first learned to sew as an adult while working in professional workshops — where everything was created custom for specific people.

Every body has a unique story. And every custom garment is a learning experience. I’d love to work with you!

Explore the Coursework

In Skirt Skills, you’ll be thoroughly introduced to each step of the custom process- while hand crafting the custom-fit skirt of your dreams. You’ll also create reusable tools for your custom sewing future.

Follow-up Course!

A follow up to Skirt Skills – get some new experience under your belt by creating your own custom-fit trousers, and jeans.

Follow-up Course!

A follow up to Skirt Skills – gain some upper body strength as you learn to map your top half and craft custom-fit tops that are tops!

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December 12, 2020

at ~10am ET

Limited space available
(which can sell out quickly!)

Orientation Starts: Jan 6
Final Lesson posts: Feb 17

Work with the optional 6 week schedule OR anytime at your own pace with forever access

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