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Intro to the Custom Process

lesson 1

Intro to this Course & The Custom Process

Let's get started!

In this lesson, I’ll give you a little overview of Skirt Skills and the steps of the custom sewing process, along with tips for how to approach this course. Enjoy!

Bonus Reading:

Learn a little more about the difference between custom sewing and fashion sewing in this post from my own blog called Two Myths of Learning to Make Your Own Sewing Patterns: 

Intro to Fabrics

Lesson 2

Intro to Fabrics

Though you won’t need your chosen skirt fabrics in hand until you’ve worked your way to Part 5, this lesson will help prepare you to start brainstorming and researching the fabrics for your first custom skirt.

Bonus Links & Resources

Julie Parker’s Fabric Reference Book Series:
All About Cotton, All About Wool, All About Silk

My local fine fabric store Mulberry Silks:

Fine Fabric Stores:

Vogue Fabrics:


B & J Fabrics:

Blackbird Fabrics:


Britex Fabrics:

Share your favorite resources!

The Ultimate List of Online Fabric Stores by Closet Core Patterns:

Wally’s Wisdom for Fabric Shopping Online from Seamwork Magazine:

Understanding Fabric Weight by Deer & Doe:

Burn, Baby, Burn! Video by Gorgeous Fabrics:

Identifying Fabrics Using the Burn Test from the Sewing Directory:

Burn Test Chart by Fabric Mart:

Love To Sew Podcast’s episode Fabrics 101:

Love To Sew Podcast’s episode How Fabrics Get Made:

Fabric of the Day - The Recipes of Fabrics

Fabric of the Day

The Recipes of Fabrics

Most Chapters in Parts 1-4 will include a "Fabric of the Day" video!

Most will be about a specific fabric, but this first FOTD video uses a cooking analogy to explain the difference between Fibers, Weaves, and Fabrics. I’ll also share fabric examples from my own “fabric stash”. Enjoy!

Bonus Links

More on plain weaves here:

More on twill weaves:

More on satin weaves:

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The Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is where we can all work together and learn from one another! 


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