Brooks Ann's DIY CUSTOM DRESS FORM eBook is now available!

Custom Sewing eCourses
for the Sew-Curious


Ever wonder why your clothing never quite fits?

Not sure what 'size' you are?

Want to take control of your wardrobe...

And have fun in the process?

Custom Sewing could be a great fit!

  • fits
  • size
  • take control
  • ...and have fun
  • great fit

Learn to design, draft, construct, and complete custom-fit clothing with Brooks Ann Camper and an online community of classmates.

Custom sewing offers a new way to think about what you make and what you wear.

If you answered "YES!" to any of the above Brooks Ann's custom sewing eCourses might be a great fit for you!

About the Instructor

I'm in! Where do I start?

We'll start at the beginning, with SKIRT SKILLS.

Explore the Coursework

In Skirt Skills, you’ll be thoroughly introduced to each step of the custom process- while hand crafting the custom-fit skirt of your dreams. You’ll also create reusable tools for your custom sewing future.

Follow-up Course!

A follow up to Skirt Skills – get some new experience under your belt by creating your own custom-fit trousers, and jeans.

Follow-up Course!

A follow up to Skirt Skills – gain some upper body strength as you learn to map your top half and craft custom-fit tops that are tops!

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opens Saturday July 10, 2021
at ~10amEDT

Orientation Starts: July 28
Final Lesson posts: September 1

Work with the optional 6 week schedule OR anytime at your own pace with forever access

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